Mike Barwis, MS CSCS

Mike Barwis

Founder & CEO, Barwis Methods Companies
Senior Advisor of Strength & Conditioning, New York Mets
Strength & Conditioning Consultant, Miami Dolphins
Founder & CEO, First Step Foundation
Founder & CEO, Athletic Angels
Former Director of Strength & Conditioning, University of Michigan
Former Director of Strength & Conditioning, West Virginia University
Director of Strength & Conditioning for Olympic Sports, West Virginia University

Mike Barwis is the founder and CEO of the Barwis Methods family of companies, including the Barwis Methods Training Centers. Mike is currently the Senior Advisor to the New York Mets and a consultant for the Miami Dolphins. He was formerly the Director of Strength and Conditioning for the University of Michigan where he was directly responsible for the development and implementation of the strength and conditioning programs. In 2003, Barwis assumed the responsibility for the Mountaineers football program, while maintaining his position with the Olympic sports. During his tenure at West Virginia University he designed and implemented programs for all of the Mountaineers 21 varsity sports. His last 5 years at WVU were widely considered to be the golden era in WVU athletics.

Barwis has coached 38 National Strength and Conditioning (NSCA) All-Americans and was one of 10 coaches to receive the Bronze Award from the NSCA certification commission. He has trained over 500 Olympic and professional athletes in over 40 sporting events.

In addition, Barwis has been published in numerous journals, magazines, newspapers, written several books, and produced several videos. Barwis earned his undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology from the School of Medicine at West Virginia University and his Master’s Degree in Athletic Coaching with an emphasis in strength and conditioning. He also completed course work in the area of anatomy and physiology at Temple University. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the NSCA, NASE certified, BMI as a Barwis Methods Master Instructor and CPR and AED certified.

Additionally, Mike is the star of the Discovery Channel’s hit TV show “American Muscle” which features his work with professional athletes and people with disabilities. Mike has also been featured in many tv, news, radio, and internet shows and is widely recognized as a leading authority on the neuromuscular systems and bio-mechanics. Barwis has been recognized in his field as one of the most influential strength coaches of all time.

Mike is married to Autumn who was the Associate Director of Strength & Conditioning at WVU. He has two sons, Ray and Charlie, as well as two daughters, Hannah and Julia.

Barwis Methods® (Founder & CEO)

April 2011 – Present
Oversee the operations of the Barwis Methods companies which includes developing and running the Barwis Methods Training Centers where individualized training programs and protocols are implemented for professional, Olympic, collegiate, and high school athletes. Train numerous professional athletes from the NFL, CFL, NHL, MLB, MLS, NBA and others. Barwis Methods Training Centers provide the best training available in the Midwest for athletes with experienced staff and an electrifying atmosphere. Additionally, Barwis Methods is responsible for the design and production of nutritional supplements, sports related gear and apparel, training materials and equipment. Barwis Methods is a rapidly growing sports performance company with a fast-paced environment packed with professional athletes, college athletes, and everyday people that are looking for a healthier lifestyle. Each product has been meticulously designed to be scientifically based and to include the highest quality components available at levels that are effective in the human body. The resulting products are utilized by professional athletes and others to improve performance and recovery with outstanding reviews. See a list pro athletes that Mike has trained.

Barwis Methods


New York Mets (Senior Advisor of Strength and Conditioning)

2014 – Present
Design, review, and assist with the implementation of the strength and conditioning program at the major league and minor league levels. Assist in researching, interviewing, and hiring of new staff.

New York Mets


Miami Dolphins (Strength and Conditioning Consultant)

2014 – Present
Engineer the progression in the future of their strength and conditioning program, review, and assist with its implementation.

Miami Dolphins


First Step Foundation (Founder & CEO)

2013 – Present
Founded in 2013 by Mike Barwis, the First Step Foundation is a 501c3 tax deductible organization created by a combination of a deep desire to help people with gross motor disabilities and a deep sense of responsibility to use the Barwis Methods for those in need. After years of perfecting the Barwis Methods and experiencing numerous disorders, it became clear that we needed to create an effective avenue to multiply Mike’s ability to change people’s lives. The First Step Foundation provides financial resources to people with gross and fine motor disabilities to receive the personal training through the Barwis Methods to help them achieve their maximum potential, to be the best they can be.

First Step Foundation


Athletic Angels (Founder & CEO)

2010 – Present
Athletic Angels is a charity that benefits elementary age children and their families from impoverished neighborhoods in the metro Detroit area. We have conducted this charity for over 10 years impacting hundreds of children’s lives. Athletic Angels was officially incorporated in 2010.

During the holiday season, we unite with as many children as financially possible. Individual children and families needs are identified via school teachers, principals, and guidance counselors. Specific needs lists are established and wish lists are created. A holiday party is hosted at local elementary schools where food and gifts are distributed by Santa and Angels. Angels consist of professional, semi-pro, collegiate athletes, and Barwis Methods staff members. Each individual child or family is united with an Angel. Most of the items purchased are necessities like clothes, hats, shoes, shirts, underwear, socks, etc., and each child is provided 3 or 4 toys.

Athletic Angels


University of Michigan (Director of Strength & Conditioning)

December 2007 – January 2011
Directly responsible for the development and implementation of the football strength and conditioning program, and also oversaw the strength and conditioning program for ice hockey, softball, wrestling, and men’s soccer.

Designed and implemented strength and conditioning programs for all varsity athletes. Developed a nutrition program for student athletes.



West Virginia University (Director of Strength & Conditioning)

2003 – 2007
Designed and implemented programs for all of the Mountaineers 21 varsity sports, including football. Developed year round, individualized, comprehensive, sports specific programs for all athletes. Coordinated appropriate testing of all athletes. Conducted, tracked, and evaluated testing of all athletes and maintained a data base on their careers. Designed individualized programs to alleviate imbalances and weaknesses in athletes.

Worked directly with athletic directors regarding administrative concerns and the future development of the athletic performance program. Worked directly with coaches for custom design of programs for athletes. Worked directly with athletic trainers for adaptation of workouts for injured athletes and their rehabilitation.

Supervised and organized a nutrition development program for student athletes. Developed proper diets for athletes, designed program to reach ideal body composition for specific athletes, and continuously monitored athletes’ progress.

  • Co-Director, Pace University Strength & Conditioning Camp 2003
  • Co-Director, Brewster’s Sports Camp 2003
  • Guest Instructor and Lecturer for Northern Iowa Speed & Strength Camp 2002
  • Published: American Football Monthly, Volume 10 March 2004 “Hard Core” Strength & Conditioning and the Importance of Core Development.
  • Published: Burn Fitness Magazine, Core and Upper Body, Elite Training for Arena Football’s MVP, Greg Hopkins.
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach for Olympic & International Wrestling Competitors, US Olympic Development Morgantown Sight 2003-2007
  • NSCA State Clinic Guest Clinician 2000-2001
  • NASE Presenter 2007
  • Articles written about training philosophy sighted in Sports Illustrated, SI for Kids, ESPN Magazine, Dominion Post, and numerous other newspapers, featured in Three and Out book.
  • Television highlights on ESPN, FOX Sports, MSN Network, for training styles and accomplishments.
  • Nike Coach of the Year Clinic Lecturer 2005
  • Wally’s & Wimpies Sports Training Column 2005-2007 (15 articles per year)
  • Camp Director for Mountaineer Speed and Strength Camp 2000-2007
  • Assisted in WVU camp activities and lectures for baseball, basketball, wrestling, football, soccer, volleyball, and tennis.
  • Guest Lecturer at Community Health Day put on through Campus Recreation at West Virginia University 2000.
  • Guest Instructor for University of Notre Dame Speed and Strength Camp 1999
  • Director of Michigan Strength & Conditioning camps and clinics (2008-2010)
  • Michigan Women’s Football Camp for Cancer
  • Health Works Lecturer
  • Detroit Clinic Lecturer
  • Guest Lecturer for Graduate and Undergraduate courses at WVU (2003-2007) in:
    • Athletic Training School WVU
    • WVU Medical School
    • Sport Psychology School WVU
    • Physical Education School WVU
  • Med Sport Lecturer
  • Michigan School of Kinesiology Speaker
  • Glazier Clinic Lecturer
  • Hammer Strength Lecturer
  • Ted Talk Speaker 2013
  • Football Training Manual, Standard Agility Training: Book 1
  • Football Strength and Conditioning: Summer Program Book 1
  • Football Strength and Conditioning: Summer Program Book 2
  • Wrestling Strength and Conditioning: Summer Program
  • Certification Mark: Strength and Conditioning
  • Baseball Strength and Conditioning: Summer Program Book 1
  • Baseball Strength and Conditioning: Summer Program Book 2
  • Swimming and Diving Strength and Conditioning: Summer Program
  • Track Strength and Conditioning Program: Summer Program
  • Volleyball Strength and Conditioning Program: Summer Program
  • Gymnastics Strength and Conditioning Program: Summer Program Book 1
  • Gymnastics Strength and Conditioning Program: Summer Program Book 2
  • Women’s Tennis Strength and Conditioning: Summer Program
  • Crew Strength and Conditioning: Summer Program
  • Men’s Basketball Strength and Conditioning: Summer Program
  • Women’s Basketball Strength and Conditioning: Summer Program
  • Men’s Tennis Strength and Conditioning: Summer Program
  • Men’s Soccer Strength and Conditioning: Summer Program
  • Women’s Soccer Strength and Conditioning: Summer Program
  • Adjunct Faculty West Virginia University School of Physical Education (1997-2007)
    Designed and taught scientific based undergraduate and master curriculums in strength and conditioning.


  • Coached 214 Pro Football players
  • 56 NFL Draft Picks
  • 96 players in NFL training camps
  • 1 National Championship appearance
  • 3 Bowl Championships
  • 5 Conference Championships
  • 4 11- Win Seasons
  • 2 BCS Bowl Wins
  • 11 Bowl Appearances
  • 2 Heisman Trophy Finalists
  • 2 Rimington Award Winners
  • 13 All- Americans
  • #1 and #2 all time leading rushers in the history of college football at QB (Denard Robinson and Pat White)
  • All- Time Conference Leading Rusher
  • NCAA All- Time Leading Rusher for Quarterback
  • Big 10 Conference All- Time Leading Rusher for Quarterback
  • #1 Ranking NCAA (2x)
  • 1 Pro Bowl MVP
  • 12 Pro Bowlers
  • 2 All-Pro
  • 5 Straight new years day bowls
  • 4 Top 10 Finishes
  • All time leading passer (WVU)
  • All time leading total yardage player (Univ of Mich)
  • 2 of the only 4 QB’s to go over 200 yards passing and rushing in same game

Men’s and Women’s Basketball

  • 6 NCAA Tournament Appearances
  • 3 Sweet 16 Appearances
  • 2 Elite 8 Appearances
  • 1 NIT Championship
  • 2 NIT Semi-Final Appearances
  • 7 NIT Appearances
  • 5-20 Win Seasons
  • 11 All-Conference Selections
  • 22 Professional Players
  • 1 All-American

Men’s and Women’s Soccer

  • 12 NCAA Appearances
  • 1 Final Four Appearance
  • 4 Sweet 16 Appearances
  • 3 Conference Championships
  • 2 Elite 8 Appearances
  • 3-17 Plus Win Seasons
  • 10 Time Top 10 Ranking
  • 2 Conference Mid Fielder of The Year
  • 12 Conference Players of the Year
  • 6 First Team All- Americans
  • 9 All-Americans
  • 1 National Player of the Year Finalist
  • 3 Offensive Players of the Year
  • 1 Conference Goal Keeper of the Year
  • 12 Pro players


  • 5 Individual National Champions
  • 27 Individual Conference Champions
  • 4 Team Conference Championships
  • 4 Conference Wrestlers of The Year
  • 3 Freshmen Wrestlers of The Year
  • 22 NCAA All- Americans
  • 16 Conference Rookies of The Year
  • Strength Coach for olympic development sight in Morgantown, WV
  • 1 National OW Award Winner
  • 1 Pro Wrestler
  • 10 Olympic team, world team members from 2 countries


  • New York Mets Strength and Conditioning Consultant 2010 -2103
    (Major League and All Minor League teams)
  • 1 Conference Pitcher of The Year
  • 1 Conference Player of the Year
  • 5 NCAA All- Americans
  • 14 First Team All- Conference Selections
  • 18 MLB Players & NY Mets organization
  • 31 MLB Draft Picks

Men and Women’s Cross Country

  • 1 Pan Am Games Gold Medalist
  • 3 NCAA individual National Champions
  • 9 NCAA First Team All- American Selections
  • 1 Mid- Atlantic Team Championship
  • 25 NCAA Mid- Atlantic Individual Champions
  • 4 Time NCAA Team Qualifier
  • 1 Conference Championship
  • 14 First Team All- Conference Selections
  • 4 Olympic Competitors from three countries


  • 7 Top 3 finishes in 3 years
  • 5 NCAA National Titles
  • 34 First Team All- American Selections
  • 36 Second Team All- American Selections
  • 2 Time National Shooters of The Year
  • 2 Olympic competitors

Swimming & Diving

  • 4 First Team All- Americans
  • 14 Men’s Individual NCAA Qualifiers
  • 15 Men’s Relay NCAA Qualifiers
  • 22 Women’s Relay NCAA Qualifiers
  • 2 Olympic competitors from 2 countries


  • 1 Conference Tournament MVP
  • 18 All- Conference First Team Selections
  • 3 Professional Players

Men’s and Women’s Track

  • 4 All-Americans
  • 15 Indoor Event Conference Champions
  • 27 Outdoor Event Conference Champions
  • 37 First Team All- Conference Selections
  • 12 Olympic competitors from 4 countries
  • 2 NCAA champions


  • 8 Conference Titles
  • 2 NCAA National Finals Appearances
  • 43 Individual NCAA National Event Appearances

NCAA Director’s Cup

  • 6 Top 20 Finishes

Professional Motocross

  • Trained 1 professional motocross rider


  • 1 Pro


  • 1 National Champion


  • 2 professionals
  • Boxer ranked #4 in the world
  • 1 WBO JR Middle Weight world title fight


  • 3 NCAA Tournament Appearances
  • 3 Big 10 Championships
  • 1 College World Series
  • 6 All-Americans

Body Building

  • 1 Natural world Champ
  • 3 Professional Body Builders
  • 1 Regional Champion (Natural)


  • 2nd finish 4 boat at the henley invitational world wide
  • 1st finish 4 boat at Dadvills


  • 1 professional cyclist
  • 1 amateur national champion


  • 2 All-Conference Selections
  • 1 Conference Rookie of the Year

Ice Hockey

  • Worked With Over 30 Professional Hockey Players
  • 3 NCAA Tournament Appearances
  • 1 Frozen Four Appearance
  • 2 Elite 8 Appearances
  • 2 Conference Championships
  • 1 Hoby Trophy Award Winner
  • 4 All-Americans

College Football Bowl Games

  • bowl
  • Sugar bowl- 2 times
  • Carquest bowl- 2 times
  • Gator bowl- 5 times
  • Fiesta Bowl




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